Cleaning and Descaling the Swid

The Swid is a quality product and is designed for continuous operation under normal conditions. Periodic maintenance of the Swid is required. Adhering to the following steps will greatly extend the Swid lifespan:
• Detach the Swid after each use and clean it thoroughly.
• Change the water in the bath after each use.
• Only use mild soap and water or a mild general-purpose spray cleaner to clean the case of the Swid. Be careful to prevent cleaning liquids from getting inside the controller.
• The heater should be kept clean to ensure maximum heating efficiency. Deposits may be removed by scouring with a non-metallic scour pad. Do not use copper or steel wool to prevent scratches on the heater.
• Mineral sediments may build up on the Swid after some days of usage. A deep cleaning procedure is required at least each week of use. For this purpose we recommend using any anti-liming product. Set the Swid at 55°C (131°F) for 35 minutes. Rince the Swid with fresh water.

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