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Buy The Swid

Thank you for your interest in the Swid. The Swid is sold EUR 399 excl. VAT. In order to provide the best value for the Swid Addelice designs, manufacture and distribute the Swid. To order the Swid please visit our Online Shop www.addelice.com.

If you are a professional living in the EU we can invoice you excl. VAT. If you are facing issues ordering excl. VAT please visit our FAQ page.

You can also order on our Online Shop a whole range of vacuum machines and GN containers (from 28 L up to 58 L) with a lid perfectly cut for the Swid.


The Swid immerison circulator benefits from a 2 years warranty, parts and labor. Sould you have any issue with your Swid don’t hesitate to contact us through the below contact form.

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Quick Start Manual

Fill a pot or a GN container preferably with warm water.
Attach the Swid to the pot and connect the Swid to the main.
Switch on the Swid.
Top display switches on (Temperature Display). Set the required temperature and confirm pressing the “Mode” button.
The lower display switches on (Timer Display).
If you want the Swid Timer to act as a stopwatch: set “00:00”.
To reach in a fast manner “00:00” press 2 seconds simultaneously on “Up” and “Down” buttons.
bouton-haut-bas-thermoplongeur-cuison-sous-vide-addelice-swidx 2 seconds
If you want the Swid Timer to act as a countdown: indicate 1:30, for example, for a countdown of 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Note about the countdown: when the Timer Display reaches “00:00” the Swid beeps, the Timer Display flashes continuously and indicates since when the countdown has reached “00:00”.

Confirm the cooking time pressing the “Mode” button.
The Swid starts heating, the propeller blends the water bath.
When the set temperature is reached the Swid beeps and both displays flash. To launch either the countdown or the stopwatch, press the “Mode” button.

Now you can drop  the sous vide pouch in the water bath.

At any time, if you press 2 seconds the “Mode” button,
bouton-mode-addelice-swid-sous-vide-thermoplongeur x 2 secondes
you can change the set temperature or cooking time. It is better to do so instead of  switching of the Swid (reset), otherwise you will lose all the precious “data” calculated by the Swid.

hould you have an questions see the submenus of the “Quick Start Guide” section.


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Thank you for having used the QR Code located on the label of Addelice’s  Immersion Circulator. This site is made for you to obtain valuables and short information about the Swid in you possession such as :

– Specifications of the Swid
– Warranty and contact form in case of an issue (after sale service)
– Quick Start Manual
– Where to buy the Swid and other Addelice products?