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Cleaning and Descaling the Swid

The Swid is a quality product and is designed for continuous operation under normal conditions. Periodic maintenance of the Swid is required. Adhering to the following steps will greatly extend the Swid lifespan:
• Detach the Swid after each use and clean it thoroughly.
• Change the water in the bath after each use.
• Only use mild soap and water or a mild general-purpose spray cleaner to clean the case of the Swid. Be careful to prevent cleaning liquids from getting inside the controller.
• The heater should be kept clean to ensure maximum heating efficiency. Deposits may be removed by scouring with a non-metallic scour pad. Do not use copper or steel wool to prevent scratches on the heater.
• Mineral sediments may build up on the Swid after some days of usage. A deep cleaning procedure is required at least each week of use. For this purpose we recommend using any anti-liming product. Set the Swid at 55°C (131°F) for 35 minutes. Rince the Swid with fresh water.

Buy The Swid

Thank you for your interest in the Swid. The Swid is sold EUR 399 excl. VAT. In order to provide the best value for the Swid Addelice designs, manufacture and distribute the Swid. To order the Swid please visit our Online Shop www.addelice.com.

If you are a professional living in the EU we can invoice you excl. VAT. If you are facing issues ordering excl. VAT please visit our FAQ page.

You can also order on our Online Shop a whole range of vacuum machines and GN containers (from 28 L up to 58 L) with a lid perfectly cut for the Swid.


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